Thursday, June 18, 2009

Here I am again

For those of you who look at my blog, that would be one or two, I'M BAACK! It seems I have to relearn how to do this, and with my computer being so slow I don't think this entry will be so exciting.

My story for the day, other than getting the worst leg cramp of my life last night and my leg still hurts, will be Cody's spider story.

When trying to get Cody out of the bushes or anywhere he is not supposed to be we tell him there is spiders in there and they'll bite you. effort to get out the door for work I was trying to get him to put his shoes on. Instead he found joy playing in the curtain.

It wasn't that I didn't see a spider; I just thought what I saw was a spot. So I told him,"Come here Cody mommy sees a spider..OOOooo look spider!"

So he exited the curtain, sat on my lap and repeated the word spider about 50 times. I succeeded in getting his shoes on and went in my room to put my own on. I can hear him still saying, "Spider...spider..."

Next thing I know he is standing next to me with THE SPIDER pinched between his fingers. He somehow though managed to just pinch his front legs and I could see his beady little eyes and the rest of his legs.

So I grabbed a sock and mashed him. Thankfully Cody was able to inform me that the spider could,"Bite you. Bite you." I said,"Yes spider will bite you."

Now for those of you mid westerners you may not think this spider thing is a big deal. But you don't have black widows lurking around your house. Or, big wolf spiders that Cody has already chased down the hallway trying to grab. I guess this is part of boy hood.