Monday, October 6, 2008

Here I am again! Only 4 months later!

So here I am again! I am still trying to figure this stuff out. Since I actually did something worth talking about this past weekend, I decided to write about it. (If there is anyone listening.)

Saturday morning I got up bright and early to play a softball tournament for work. (Some of you who may know my history of work softball may wonder why.) My body knew it was Saturday and that I should be at home vegging on the couch. I think a few other people were the same way.

Game 1: I lost track after the score got about 30-5. (5 being us.) We were playing Kaiser. EVERYONE was missing the ball. I think in that 90 minute game we had three innings and I only remeber getting up to bat once.

Game 2: Now since we were so greatly defeated in Game 1 we had to move right on to Game 2. This went much better for the team as a whole. First, I started out pitching. I made a good play at stopping a ball and throwing it to first. Then we switched pitchers and I moved to center field where I caught a pop fly, screamed really loud and proceeded to give the entire team high fives. Then...I was up to bat. I hit the ball and took off to first base...I must have blacked out because I can't remeber how but down to the ground I went with a bounce slide bounce and slide. (See picture above)By the time I rolled over the ump was in my face with a panicked look asking me if I was okay. Although I was called out, I did get two RBI's due to the fact that everyone was paying attention to me and not the people running home. I like to call it,"Taking one for the Team!" I now have the battle scares of a skinned elbow and knee to prove my devoted efforts to my team. So we ended up winning that game.

Game 3: Immediatly right after Game 2. And I was so dead tired at this point I dont remeber much, except that we lost and our day was done.

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Erin Lewis said...

welcome to the blogging world! I am still learning too! Too tired and busy to post much now but will get better in the coming weeks!